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Inspiration for the Paisley collection

I first developed my Paisley collection while living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I was surrounded by so many inspiring things and beautiful intricate designs.  One that I kept coming back to was the Paisley shape.

I also loved the links that paisley designs have with Scotland.  Paisley in Scotland is where the English name for the design originates.  In Bangladeshi language, the name means Mango, referring to the shapes close resemblance to juicy mangoes.  I was also told it is based on Peacock feathers which are often used in imagery in South Asia.  I love both these explanations, the Peacock also becoming a part of my bird designs in my Paisley collections.



I still have many more designs and ideas from this collection – I am excited to see how I can develop these further in the future.

On another note – my hometown of Dundee has a history of Jute weaving factories.  So it felt serendipitous when we realised we would be living in Bangladesh where the jute was grown and then shipped to Dundee and woven!

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