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Sustainable materials – Recycled silver and gold


Having a sustainable business with as little impact on the planet as possible is very important to me.  I believe in creating meaningful pieces that are cherished for a lifetime.

I source all of my silver and gold from Australian manufacturers who use recycled metals.  This means no digging up our precious landscape or questionable mining practices.

Traditional jewellery making is a very sustainable and circular loop economy.  Most metals used by handmade jewellers are often old precious metals that have been reclaimed and recycled.  Such as old gold and silver jewellery that has been traded in, which is melted down to create new pieces.

I can melt your old metal to use towards new pieces, keeping the sentimental value and precious memories of a piece, especially if it is too worn to repair and not your style.  Some metal alloys such as white gold can be more difficult to work with and fresh gold has to be added to help prevent the metal cracking from impurities.  Gemstones can always be used in new pieces of jewellery too.

I work with precious metals as there are sustainable,  you can always be confident to take your piece to a jeweller wherever you are to get an item repaired or melted into a new piece.

I collect all the dust and tiny scraps of metal to have it made into new useable metal.  I melt some larger scraps in my workshop myself.  There is little waste in Goldsmithing!

gold-lemel gold filings gold dust for melting and reusing recycled gold
Gold filings collected up to be melted into new gold.
Scraps of silver to be used in small pieces or melted for making bigger pieces.

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