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Custom Sunstone gold plated Mandala necklace

Samantha Custom gold mandala sunstone necklace

Showing you all my gorgeous new necklace made by my lovely friend Sinead Buckney Jewellery. It’s a sunstone set in a mandala. The mandala is a graphical representation of the universe for Hindus and Buddhists. So my necklace is like the sun at the centre of the universe! Isn’t that a nice concept? Sinead is a super talented jeweller and ships worldwide.

Samantha Morshed

Aquamarine silver mandala bracelet with Amazonite beads

aquamarine mandala silver bracelet

I absolutely love my new bracelet- with calming aquamarine as the main stone… it’s a tiny stone and I’ve never been into that, but I’ve been feeling calm so that can’t be bad. It was really nice to chat with lovely Sinead… her work is beautiful and so is she- she also rocks her curls…

Joanne Giusti
2017, Sydney, Australia

18ct yellow and white gold Celtic cross pendant set with rubies

two tone celtic cross

Sinead designs and crafts exquisite and original pieces of jewellery. Her work is so unique and beautiful that I have purchased three sublime pieces over the last ten years. They are noticed often and highly praised each and everytime!

Richard Smeltink
2015, Canberra, Australia

Celtic knot cognac diamond palladium ring

cognac diamond celtic palladium engagement ring

I was very fortunate to be in a position to ask my friend Sinead to make the engagement ring for my now wife. Sinead was of course more than happy to design and create a beautiful ring for my fiancée. We worked together in designing a ring that would be practical for my fiancée due to her manual work in hospitals. Using smaller diamonds and a larger Australian diamond as the centrepiece, Sinead incorporated a Celtic cross design into the ring that depicted my wife’s Scottishness. I was over the moon with how the ring looked and my wife absolutely loved how it was made especially with her in mind, reflecting who she is. Sinead was extremely helpful and considerate, refining the design to suit my budget, while demonstrating her unique and dazzling style.

Drew Rudland
2013, London, UK

Tanzanite lotus petal fan silver ring

I’ve known Sinead for about 10 years now and she has always been my go to for new jewellery over this time!  From redesigning old jewellery to buying her beautiful pieces.  I think I have a couple of items from every collection she has done (I may have a problem).
Sinead was the logical choice when I wanted to design a ring with an old diamond – she listened to my ideas and enhanced them with the ‘Sinead touch’ turning it into a unique stunning piece of jewellery.
I have recently bought pieces of the Mandala collection such as Tanzanite lotus petal fan silver ring, mandala half moon necklace and my husband just surprised me with a double mandala silver pendant.
I cant wait to see what she comes up with next!

Jo Warden
2017, Canberra, Australia

Rose cut pear diamond platinum ring

Sinead did an amazing job designing my wife’s distinctive engagement ring and matching wedding band. I really enjoyed seeing, and feeling involved in, the creative process from the early sketches to the final hand crafted result. I also love the wedding band she made for me – simple, comfortable and perfectly proportioned. The metal finish of the rings subtly changes over the years just like Sinead explained it would but the rings still look great.
Sinead listens carefully to what you think you want, then makes something better.

David Buckney
2015, Glasgow, Scotland

Eiffel Tower palladium solitaire diamond ring

Diamond solitaire 18ct white gold Eiffel Tower engagement ring and twist wedding ring

Sinead made my engagement ring, a palladium band with a single diamond. We got engaged in Paris so I wanted something to reflect that. Sinead designed the band to split and curve in the shape of the Eiffel tower. I’ve worn it every day for 8 years and it looks as good as the day I got it. I love having a unique piece, people are always asking me where I got it.

Our wedding rings are matching  palladium bands with an eternity symbol incorporated in the metal. Sinead was amazing at advising us on the metal to use and at realising a beautiful design from our idea.

Gemma Craigie Sharland
2011, Roturua, New Zealand

Custom silver Topaz circle ring and Zoisite pendant

Back in 2011 I visited Sri Lanka, returning with two gorgeous stones: an oval chunk of lemon topaz and a teardrop-shaped piece of zoisite. Sinead made them into a fabulous ring and a stunning pendant. I treasure them … and am wearing the ring as I write this! Thanks so much.

Karin Hosking
2011, Sydney, Australia

Flush set princess cut diamond wedding ring

Writing to say how much I love having my own personal jeweller! I have bought so many pieces from you over the years that it is hard to pick a favourite, but I think my wedding ring (2009) is the best in that we designed it together and you made it exactly how I wanted it and I have loved it ever since.  And the necklaces you made that I gave to each of my bridesmaids were lovely too.
In recent times my favourite has to be the sterling silver chrysanthemum necklace with matching earrings.   I finally bought one and have already had so many comments on it!
Very happy and would highly recommend.  Looking forward to your next range as your designs evolve.
Judy Campbell
2010, Melbourne, Australia

Custom Chrysanthemum ring and bracelet

I loved your silver chrysanthemum pendant, earrings and brooch so much but the cuff bracelet was too big for my thin wrist so you kindly made me a bracelet and also agreed to make me a ring to complete the set, the latter two being unique pieces.  Although I have now given away all my silver jewellery as I have many gold items, I have kept my chrysanthemum set because it is too beautiful for me to part with it.

Carol Hutchison
2009, Dumfries, Scotland

Silver and 9ct gold circle ring

You made me a sterling silver and gold circle ring in Dhaka.  Five years on I’m still wearing it everyday and it never comes off. I love it.

Jo Katherine
2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mandala gold plated pearl drop earrings

I really love Sinead’s elegant and modern lines that are often inspired by Sri Lankan or Asian themes.  They work for any occasion!

Divya Nair
2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Five diamond two tone engagement ring remodel

Sinead redesigned my engagement ring adding more diamonds to represent my three children.  I love it and wear it all the time, even gardening.

Anne Marie Buckney
2010, Dundee, Scotland

Orange sapphire and ruby 18ct white gold ring

Sinead made a stunning two stone orange Sapphire and one Ruby white gold ring for our 40th anniversary which she designed literally via email, with drawings and photos along the way. She suggested using two different stones and it looks amazing. She also made me an equally stunning Tourmaline ring with a very unique band, both receive many positive comments.

Denise Woods
2015, London, UK

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