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Handmade unique jewellery

All pieces are designed and made by Sinead in her workshop.  Using various traditional goldsmith and contemporary techniques such as computer design.  Her work is heavily influenced by her time living in Sri Lanka, with plays on traditional motifs such as mandalas, lotus flower and paisley designs.  The pieces are strong yet lightweight with open wire designs.

sinead-buckney-profile headshot


  • mandala charm ring lotus petal silver pearl

    Lotus charm white pearl ring

  • amazonite-lotus-petal-charm-earrings

    Amazonite bead dangle lotus silver earrings

  • white-pearl-delicate-lotus-mandala-bracelet-silver

    White pearl silver lotus flower delicate bracelet

  • pink-tourmaline-opal-beads-delicate-lotus-silver-bracelet

    Pink tourmaline delicate beaded lotus silver bracelet

  • peach-moonstone-lotus-mandala-bracelet-silver

    Peach moonstone silver lotus flower bracelet

  • peach-moonstone-charm-lotus-silver-bangle

    Peach moonstone bead lotus charm bangle



16'-18'-80cm-necklace-lengths-on-model sterling silver box chain extra long

Necklace Lengths

September 8, 2018

I offer several options of necklace lengths for all of my pieces.  Every necklace can be adjusted to the right length just for you. The most common chain lengths offered are 16″ (40cm) and 18″(45cm).  16 inches is common with younger people and those who prefer a slightly shorter necklace.  18 inches is longer and … Continue reading “Necklace Lengths”

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Inspiration for the Paisley collection

August 4, 2018

I first developed my Paisley collection while living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I was surrounded by so many inspiring things and beautiful intricate designs.  One that I kept coming back to was the Paisley shape. I also loved the links that paisley designs have with Scotland.  Paisley in Scotland is where the English name for the … Continue reading “Inspiration for the Paisley collection”

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Fix a open jump ring

How do I fix a broken ring on jewellery?

July 13, 2018

Do you have a necklace that you caught on something and it broke?  Chances are you can easily fix your broken jewellery yourself. One of the easiest and most common fixes I come across on jewellery is a jump ring that has been pulled open.  In silver and gold jewellery these are often soldered closed … Continue reading “How do I fix a broken ring on jewellery?”

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